Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Ah, october. Love, love, LOVE it.
Atticus really got into decorating the house this year... Inside and out.

We also greatly appreciated a Halloween CD Debbie Carter made for the boys.
A week before Halloween we crashed Leesburg/Eustis's Trunk or Treat.
We had a great time seeing old friends and making a few new ones.
My Betty Suarez costume from Ugly Betty went over swimmingly. :)
Well, at least Hannah Teets recognized me. Bless that girl.

After trunk or treat we spent the evening with Bryan and Amanda.
Aren't Cayd and Ryan too cute together? We're considering having George draft paperwork for an arranged marriage. Could work.
Our other outings were less costumey. We stole this dual purpose tie dye shirt idea from Rhea.

1. We were obnoxiously matchy matchy which I, of course, adore.
2. It kept us from losing any of the kids, like we almost did last year. Terrifying!

We hit 2 Fall festivals this October, including one in Oxford and one on Halloween night at the Sumter County Fairgrounds.
Atticus decided to be a dice at the last minute. We happended to have a few boxes hanging around. :)

Wyatt's obsession with hats was not thwarted, though we forgot his frieman hat. Allusions were made to Parenthood with Steve Martin.

The fairground had bouncehouses in every shape and size. Plus cotton candy, soda, hot dogs, games, costume contests, etc. It was super fun!
Only, there were SO many redneck costumes! How embarassing to have the same costume as half the county. I'd rather be Betty any day, thank-you-very-much.

What's that? Those weren't costumes? My mistake.

All in all October 2008 can be ruled a great success - Five thumbs up!