Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Runaway Pumpkin...

Well, for years our favorite Halloween book has been The Runaway Pumpkin. We checked it out once when we were visiting Grandma and fell in love! Had to buy it.

After 18 months of clingy, Momma's Boy behavior Wyatt has finally found his independence. We had so much fun at the Halloween Festival in downtown Leesburg watching him explore and meet new people without fear. Yay! Until...

Paris: Where's Wyatt?

Kasey: I thought you had him.

Paris: I thought you had him.

Kasey: (Home Alone flashback) AUUGHHHHHHHH!

Fortunately he was wearing a construction orange pumpkin costume. He was the only 2 foot pumpkin within eyeshot, but he was heading away from us fast. A near miss, and scarier than any haunted house we've ever been in!

"Round and round across the ground, makin a thumpin, bumpin sound came that Thumpety Bumpety Thumpin' Bumpin' Round and Roll-y Runaway Pumpkin. (From The Runaway Pumpkin)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween - To Be or Not to Be...

Halloween has been MUCH anticipated in the Boone household this year.

For six weeks Atticus has asked me every morning, "Is it October, yet?"

On October 1st I could hardly wait...I ran into his room, jumped on his bed and said, "Guess what!? It's October!" He looked at me with a huge grin, then rubbed his hands together Montgomery Burns-style and asked, "Is it October 31st yet?"

One night I slipped into the boys' room to put Atticus blanket back on him and he stirred. Still sound asleep he mumbled something like, "...mmblk Whah? mmblk Halloween yet, Mommy?" followed by smacking of his lips and rolling over.

Many morning I am told all about a dream involving pumpkins and bats and TRICK OR TREATING! They usually include an infamous character named Benny the Bat.

And then there is the costume dilemma! Atticus has changed his mind DAILY about what he wants to be for Halloween.

First it was Prince Stefan (pronounced Ste-fawn...See photo.) I was a little concerned when his very girly cousin, Samantha, convinced him to be Prince Stefan to compliment her Rapunzel costume. We googled Prince Stefan and he has got to be the most effeminate prince there is! His costume includes a billowy light blue silk shirt covered with gold fringe and LACE. The skin tight gold lame pants that accompany it aren't much better. In the Barbie Rapunzel movie, Prince Stefan (who is literally an incarnation of the Ken doll...gag) appears just in time to help Rapunzel not fall in a hole as SHE rescues a little orphan. His claim to rescuing his princess is that he helps her regain her balance?! Pretty lame. But when Samantha, whose fancies are as fleeting as Atticus's, decided to be a bride-witch for Halloween instead of Rapunzel Atticus moved on.

Next he was going to be SuperWhy (See photo.) In fact, he already was SuperWhy! After becoming obsessed with the new PBS show about super readers Atticus would answer to no name other for about 10 days. This was particularly confusing since SuperWhy's alter ego is "Whyatt." Anytime we called for or referred to OUR honest-to-goodness-in-the-flesh son whose name happens to be Wyat, Atticus would reply. Anyway, we started googling SuperWhy and devising a plan for a costume.

But wait...Never mind. He wanted to be Superwhy's brother, Jack. They don't really show SuperWhy's brother in the show. I don't even really know where he came up with it. I just know that it made our life easier since he finally agreed to refer to our Wyatt as "Whyatt." But seriously, how many kids go around saying, "When I grow up I want to be Spiderman's Brother!"

But alas Jack bit the dust. After weeks of being fop-free, Atticus decided to be Prince Stefan after all. We went to the fabric store yesterday and looked through patterns. I was mortified when there was a pattern for a prince costume that looked almost exactly like Prince Stefan's. Noooooooooo! Atticus looked at it...Looked closer...then with disappointment said, "Almost, but the shirt's the wrong color. I guess I'll be a scarecrow." Hallelujah!

They were out of the scarecrow pattern.

We decided to make our own because how hard can it be to make a scarecrow costume, right? But then by the time we drove home from Ocala he decided to be a pumpkin. Then a ghost. Then a scarecrow again. Then a ghost. Definitely a ghost. He was NOT going to change his mind this time. GHOST!

Score. I think I have a sheet somewhere.

I picked him up from school today and he informed me he wants to be Atticus for Halloween. He positively doesn't want to wear a costume other than his Atticus costume. So I wonder what he will decide. Or will he even participate in Halloween this year? Cast your vote in our poll at the top of the page.

Oh, then as we pulled out of the school parking lot he asked, "Is it December yet?"