Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day?

Classic. The things a great father does for his kiddos.

Like spending Father's Day disinfecting the house and cleaning the aftermath of 3 kids and a bedridden wife with the stomach flu. Washing all bedding and all towels. Mopping, then mopping again, the again. Following kids around with buckets "just in case." Emergency Target run for lysol, chix soup, bleach and Gatorade. (We only fed the kids the soup and Gatorade.)
Not exactly the breakfast-in-bed-and-handmade-cards-before-wearing-his-new-tie-to-church kind of father's Day, but I think Paris proved why he's the best Daddy.
So let's get a little bit rowdy for P-A-R-I-S! Happy Father's Day.