Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And We're Dancing on the Edge of the Hollywood Sign

 What's a trip to LA if you don't swing by Hollywood for a walk with the stars?
Don't hold back now, Ryan

Chinese Grauman's Theater, where the kids were so excited for the Harry Potter hand and footprints. 

(Very good, Daniel-son)
Speak of the Devil...

(Cousin Samantha drooling.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Atticus Fresno County Young Author Faire...

 After weeks of working hard on his FABULOUS cookbook, 
Atticus was chosen to be featured at the Fresno County Young Author's Faire.  

Atticus included his favorite recipes and personal stories/photographs to go with each recipe.  We laughed, we cried...we will never be the same.  No, really.

Only 8 children were chosen from Clovis Unified, and it included young authors from all over Central California.  Yay, Atticus!

Of course the first thing our entrepreneur asked was, "Can we auction my book off so I can buy a dog?"

Finish Star testing - Check
Do chores - Check
Author a fabulous book - Check
Move on to bigger and better things - Check!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 13th Anniversary!

Look what I dug out!  Honey, I love you. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See?

I was at the table for a long time helping Atticus with homework this rainy Friday afternoon when I heard a strange noise - almost like someone was bumping up against the side of the house or something.  I consulted Morgan, "Do you hear something weird?"  She did.

We went out back to investigate and discovered my (barely) 6-year-old at the top center of our roof!  He was standing up tall and proud on that slick, wet, tile roof.  He casually informed me he was retrieving a rogue frisbee.  (By the time I got this picture he had moved down the roof considerably...I assure you he could not have achieved higher altitude in the prime of his adventure.)

It wasn't until I FREAKED out that it even seemed to occur to him to be scared.  At that point he sat down and stared to cry, making dismount (and a good shot for posterity) darn near impossible.

Who would have guessed Wyatt would be so daring?  He was always such a cautious toddler.  He never ceases to amaze or surprise me, which I find incredibly endearing and fun.  I am glad he has motor skills, problem solving skills, braveness and gumption.  Now we work on good sense.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Be Prepared...

For about 6 months Wyatt (5 going on 6) has been sleeping in clothes. Traditionally we'd tell the kids to get ready for bed and they'd either put on PJ's or strip down to their undies. Wyatt, however, has been going to bed in jeans, socks, and a t-shirt. Unfazed by this quirky phase we figured it would pass.

Finally last night he hopped into bed in his cute little tighty-whities. I acted like I didn't notice and storied, snuggled, and back-scratched like always. On my way out he asked,

"Mom, if a robber comes in the night will you please come tell me so I can put clothes on before you do anything else?"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice Toy Story 3 was a smashing hit for the Boone kids!
It was so fun to watch the 3 oldest completely transfixed by the show. It really held their attention.

Lots of ice skating in the hallways at Selland Arena... Wyatt lands a triple lutz!
Even Lincoln loved it.

In true they-liked-the-box-better-than-the-toy (pun intended) fashion, the biggest hit of the evening was repurposing the ice from the Zamboni in the parking lot. Snowball fight!